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Shopping for a new car can sometimes be a hassle. Rest assured that Credit Union One will help alleviate that stress with a low interest auto loan! Our competitive rates and terms will allow you to have a comfortable payment plan and get you in the car of your dreams.

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Did you know that Credit Union One participates in Indirect Lending? That means you can finance with Credit Union One without ever stepping foot in one of our branches! Just tell the dealership you want to finance with Credit Union One, and they'll send your paperwork to us for approval.

You can also get pre-approved prior to shopping for your car and we'll send you with a pre-approval card to hand the salesperson. This convenient service is available to all of our members searching for a new or used car!

Are you paying a high interest rate at a bank or other lender? We can help! Refinancing your auto with Credit Union One could lower your monthly payments and potentially save you thousands over the life of the loan! Our low rates and flexible terms make it easy to save! 

Contact us for additional info or apply online to get started now! 

With so many Electric  and Hybrid Vehicles to choose from these days, we have a feeling that many more of our members will be shopping for EVs/HEVs when it’s time to get a new car. So, whether you’re looking for a brand new or pre-owned Hybrid or Electric vehicle, Credit Union One has you covered with a special rate reduction!

Electric Vehicles - 0.50% APR* Reduction

Hybrid Vehicles  - 0.25% APR* Reduction

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate